Photo taken at our 2023 Information Day at the Catalyst Building at Staffordshire University. On the left of the photo are exhibitor tables including Associated Optical and the RNIB but more tables can be seen going into the distance of the shot. They all have different coloured table cloths and a variety of information leaflets and equipment on their tables. Lots of attendees can be seen talking to the exhibitors.Photo taken at our 2023 Information Day at the Catalyst Building at Staffordshire University. In the foreground our trustee Sandra sits smiling at a table, on the table in front of her are a variety of raffle prizes including hampers and tickets for days out. Behind her across the back wall are exhibitors with their logos displayed on their roller banners. From left to right are Seeing Solutions, Staffordshire Cricket and the New Vic Theatres/ Appetite. We can see the backs of attendees facing the exhibitors, talking to them, trying equipment and collecting information.

This photo shows one of our exhibitors Wendy from Guide Dogs at her stand, she stands behind the table smiling. On the table is a blue tablecloth with the Guide Dogs logo on the front. On top of the table are a variety of multi-coloured information leaflets. Wendy wears a navy blue polo shirt with the Guide Dog logo in yellow. Also on the table is a box of celebration chocolates.This photo shows one of our exhibitors Associated Optical, a man wearing a blue shirt, he has a beard and is smiling. Behind him is a roller banner with the Associated Optical logo on it. In front of him is a long table filled with equipment that he has brought to show people. To the left of the table is a stand displaying eyeshields with a variety of coloured lenses. Next to that on the table are a variety of handheld and video magnifiers. To the right of the stand the RNIB's roller banner can be seen as they are at the next table.

Each Autumn we hold an Information Day bringing together numerous organisations under one roof so that you can find out about lots of different services and products in one day!

Our 2023 event was held at the Catalyst Building at Staffordshire University and exhibitors included local, regional and national organisations, from charities to technology companies including:

  • RNIB
  • Guide Dogs
  • Blind Veterans
  • Associated Optical
  • Humanware
  • Dolphin
  • Vision Aid
  • Seeing Solutions
  • Optelec
  • Medequip
  • Sightline
  • Update talking News
  • Healthwatch Stoke
  • Staffordshire Cricket
  • Appetite & The New Vic Theatre
  • Goalball UK …plus many more

We are in the planning stages for our 2024 event, updates will be posted here, on our events page and on social media.