The image is a close-up view of a microphone, with the metal mesh grille in sharp focus. The background is blurred, suggesting this microphone is being used for public speaking, singing, or recording purposes. The lighting creates a dramatic effect, highlighting the intricate pattern of the mesh and the metallic bronze color of the microphone body.

Listen to our weekly radio show, ‘The Triple S Show’ hosted by our wonderful volunteers John Williams, Ian Wiltshaw and Sue Milnthorpe.

The show airs from 8pm until 9pm every Thursday evening and is repeated each Sunday morning from 11am til 12pm.

Each show is packed with topical discussions, useful information, interesting guests, music and fun! Here is an example:

The show airs on local Community Radio Station Rainbow FM, you can listen live at this link:

You can also listen through your Alexa smart speaker by enabling the Rainbow FM skill.

If you need any more information about how to access our radio show please get in touch on 07931327108 or at [email protected]